Communications Technology

During the years, the Thiesen RoIP-Product-Family has evolved to a well established partner on the market of communications technology. Our products form a bridge between the worlds of IT and two-way radio communications.

The Thiesen Hard- and Software Design is a pioneer of the Radio over Internet Protocoll technology which offers a cost effective way to interconnect different radio systems and operators.

The benefits of RoIP can easily be obtained on existing IP-infrastructure by the use of our gateways and adds value to your radio communication network.

From our dedicated team of engineers developed products include the devices of the RoIP-Product-Family  and the Thiesen IP-Family. They are reliable and used in the communications- and two-way radio sectors, regardless whether analog or digital two-ways.

Originally meant for the remote controlling of radio transceiver, by now they cover a much greater range of features because of their elaborated hard- and software.

The range covers call stations / intercoms, desk top units for dispatcher (fire brigades, police, ambulances, other first responders, taxi, logistics, transportation and so on).

More features are data transfer, signaling of states, on-off switching of devices, alertings, group and selective calls, monitoring etc.

Besides our own electronic products, the Thiesen Hard- and Software Design has a long history of collaboration with organizations for public safety, utilities, transportation as well as inividuals and industry to develop tailor-made solutions of components and electronic based products as well.

Custom engineering from the idea to production is our main buisiness. We will work with you through the whole lifespan of your product or as long as you like... even on-site. You may choose to contract us for all or just a part of your project.

With our many years of experience we are the right partner, have the perfect fit for your organization and will find the right solution.

Please let us know how we can help you and contact us right now.