Remote Desktop Unit


The dektop console RDU101 has been developed for the remote controlling of radio sets. Together with the RRC101-IP it makes an ideal unit to operate a radio transceiver via RoIP. But it is also well suited to be connected directly with a radio set.

The RDU101 comes with a high quality goose neck microphone and integrated wind deflector, effectively ambient noise eliminating, combined with a integrated loudspeaker designed for voice fidelity.

With the top side toggle switch the loudspeaker can be switched on and off. The two volume controls are for adjusting the volumes of the internal loudspeaker and the connected headset.

Three LEDs inform of the states of the RDU.

One radio transceiver can be operated by several RDU101 simultaneously. Therefore every RDU101 has to be connected with a RRC101-IP. One of the RRC101-IP has to be configured in the Server-Version. This variation not only offers the opporunity to operate the radio transceiver simultaneously, it also allowes to integrate several radio sets.



Back Panel

Connectors (Back Panel Jacks)

At the back panel is one 8-pin jack (RJ45) for a radio set or one RRC101-IP; two 3.5 mm jack plugs, one to connect standard PC-headsets and one 3.5 mm jack plug to connect a external PTT-button (e.g. pedal button).

The power supply is provided by the connected radio set or the RRC101-IP.



External PTT-button (pedal button)


MIC – external Microphone-Connector (Standard PC)


PHONE – external Headset-Connector (Standard PC)



Radio Set, Audio IN/OUT, PTT, Squelch

By the RADIO-Connector and CAT-Cable (Twisted-Pair, RJ45-plug), the RDU can be directly connected with the radio set At the connection side of the radio set, the RJ45-cable plug has to be customised to the utilized radio set. The length of the CAT-cable can be up to 50 metres.

Options (only in connection with a RRC101-IP)

  • Call 1 and Call 2 (for BOS)
  • Channel Switch-Over (3 Channels)
  • Extended Channel Switch-Over via Webinterface from any PC
  • Squelch ON/OFF



Power Supply 12 Volts DC, max. 430 mA
Length x Width x Height 165 x 95 x 60 mm (without Gooseneck Microphone)
Weight 560 g (Steelcasing, powder coated)
Audio-Amplifier 2 Watts

Audio Input

Input Resistance 2.5 kOhms
Input Capacitance 24 pF
Input Voltage 0.04 bis 1.0 Volt (adjustable)
Default 0.5 Volt
Signal-to-Noise Ratio better 60 dB

Audio Output

Output Resistance 100 Ohms
Output Voltage 0.08 bis 1.0 Volt (adjustable)
Default 0.5 Volt


More Infos, Service-Manual and Flyer, see Service & Support.